Spend less time worrying and more time enjoying the Big Game

We’ve got a quick question for you:

When was the last time you were able to truly enjoy one of those big game get-togethers with your friends?

It might sound like a simple question, but it’s an important one — especially during this time of year.

Between preparing food, buying snacks or making runs to pick up your favorite beverages, most of us are so busy thinking of planning the perfect party…we often forget that we need to be taking care of ourselves.

After all, taking care of YOU is the most important thing you can do.

In fact, we believe that the best way to celebrate an occasion like a big game…is by making sure you’re healthy enough to really enjoy it.

So today, we thought we’d share a few simple things you can do to take care of yourself, so you can focus more on the big game and take your mind off your nerve pain.

Tip #1 — Avoid sitting in the same uncomfortable position for very long. Don’t keep your knees crossed or lean on your elbow for too long. Doing this can lead directly to nerve damage and an evening of real discomfort.

Tip #2 — Once or twice an hour, give a quick massage to any part of your body that’s in a bit of discomfort. Massage helps improve circulation, stimulates your nerves and can temporarily relieve any pain you’re feeling.

Tip #3 — Feel free to set some priorities for what you will and won’t be doing the day of the big game. If there’s an errand you’re up for running, by all means, do so. But don’t feel like you need to be a superhero. Go ahead and take a break from running around when you feel the time is right.

These simple tips will infuse your hand, legs, and feet with the soothing sensations they need so you keep more of your focus on celebrating with friends and family.

And if there are any clever tips you use to keep yourself feeling great while you’re watching the big game, don’t hesitate to break those out this weekend as well.

(If you don’t already have Nerveology’s Nerve Support Complex as a part of your daily routine, now would be a great time to add it.)

Give these tips a try for yourself — you’d be surprised how nice it’ll feel to spend the big game with no pain and worry-free.

Have some fun out there.

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